Utopia Falls 

"Set in a reimagined future, the series follows a group of teens chosen to compete in the prestigious Exemplar performing arts competition in the colony of New Babyl."

Film Trailer - InControl

"Four university students hook up to a machine allowing them to become one of their fellow students - e.g. allowing them each to party as one of the rich and beautiful. The long hook-ups start seriously affecting their normal selves." - IMDB

"New film highlights issue of sexual misconduct"

The Search: Manufacturing Belief

"THE SEARCH: MANUFACTURING BELIEF is a feature length documentary that examines the mysterious, universal emotion as experienced by Patrick Payne, first as a teenager at a Catholic Retreat Weekend in 1975, and then again more than 40 years later as a seasoned agnostic and skeptic."


"One of the first film productions in Nova Scotia to start up post-COVID lockdown, the Two-Spirit odyssey, Wildhood, from writer/director Bretten Hannam, began principal photography on August 12, 2020."



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