Currently starring in the Hulu original series “Utopia Falls.” Phillip portrays ‘Apollo,’ a quiet and calm natured dreamer, who works as a mechanic, and brings his musical talents through drumming to the show. The series is a genre bending take on a coming of age story, where a group of teens in a distant future colony uncover a forbidden archive of historical, cultural, and musical relics. With the help of rap icon Snoop Dogg as the voice of the futuristic Siri, they use the power of music to ignite change in their reality to expose the truth.


Phillip has been a performer since an early age, having grown up in a musical household with seven siblings. He was homeschooled which allowed Phillip to focus heavily on theater and drama studies as extra-curricular activities. He was able to develop his acting chops early on in life, giving him the foot hold to pursue a professional career in Vancouver and Los Angeles. He won the provincial Drama Award at St. Helena Theatre and was enrolled in the Bishop Carroll Performing and Visual Arts program. He is currently studying at The Lee Strasberg Institute. He can be seen in the cult favorite series CW’s “Supernatural” and soon will be seen in History Channel’s “Vikings” where you meet his character ‘We’jitu.’ 


Born in Canada, Phillip comes from a French, Ukrainian, and Mohawk ancestry. His heritage is a strong part of his identity and he strives to learn and explore his cultural roots. He grew up playing the piano, violin, and drums, with drumming being a way to connect with his Mohawk culture. Phillip lives vulnerably with an open heart, embracing all of life's trials and tribulations which he believes makes him a better actor. He spends his free time immersed in art, drawing with charcoal, and travelling. He is a huge advocate for mental health and volunteers his time working with youth struggling from abusive homes, domestic violence, and drugs. At the age of 19 he published a book titled "Inside My Head" which he spent his teen years writing and documenting his experiences growing up with hope to impact other teens struggling with life's ups and downs.